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Creativity thrives with collaboration. Here are Modern Revolutions we strive to help you with every aspect on your big day. From time management to ensuring that you get photos of virtually everyone at your event.

Thank you for considering Modern Revolutions for your big day! As owner/operator of Modern Revolutions, I will personally make sure that everything on your big day is running smoothly. You will not have to tell me to take a photo and you won’t even know I’m there! I also put all my prices and packages right here for you to see! I believe that you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops, no matter how small, just to be satisfied.

Have any questions about what a certain product is/contains or looks like? Head over to the Products page for more information on everything that Modern Revolutions has to offer!

  • Just The Basics
  • $1750
  • 6 hours of photography coverage
  • Complimentary engagement session
  • 300-400 Fully-edited, color corrected, and optimized photos
  • Custom USB Flash Drive
  • Print release for photos
  • Book Now!

We Are Modern Revolutions

Modern Revolutions is dedicated to achieving the highest customer satisfaction by going above and behind to help the client with every aspect of their big day.